2017-18 Colorado Avalanche TV Schedule

DatePre-Game (1 hr)Game TimePost-Game (45 min)OpponentAirs On
October 5, 20174:00pm5:00pm7:30pmat New York RangersHD
October 7, 201711:00am12:00pm2:30pmat New Jersey DevilsHD
October 9, 201710:30am (30 min)11:00am1:30pmat Boston BruinsHD
October 11, 20176:30pm7:30pm10:00pmvs. Boston BruinsHD
October 13, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Anaheim DucksHD
October 14, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Dallas StarsHD
October 17, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Nashville PredatorsHD
October 19, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. St. Louis BluesHD
October 24, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Dallas StarsHD
October 27, 20173:30pm (30 min)4:00pm6:30pmat Vegas Golden KnightsHD
October 28, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Chicago BlackhawksHD
November 2, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Carolina HurricanesHD
November 4, 20174:00pm5:00pm7:30pmat Philadelphia FlyersHD, ALT2
November 5, 20173:00pm4:00pm6:30pmat New York IslandersHD
November 10, 201711:00am12:00pm2:30pmvs. Ottawa Senators (Sweden)HD
November 11, 201710:00am11:00am1:30pmat Ottawa Senators (Sweden)HD
November 16, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Washington CapitalsHD
November 18, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Nashville PredatorsHD
November 19, 20173:00pm4:00pm6:30pm (30 min)at Detroit Red WingsHD
November 22, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Dallas StarsHD
November 24, 20171:00pm2:00pm4:30pmat Minnesota WildHD
November 25, 20177:00pm8:00pm10:30pmvs. Calgary FlamesHD
November 29, 20176:30pm7:30pm10:00pmvs. Winnipeg JetsHD
December 1, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. New Jersey DevilsHD
December 3, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmvs. Dallas StarsHD
December 5, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Buffalo SabresHD
December 7, 20175:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Tampa Bay LightningHD
December 9, 20174:00pm5:00pm7:30pmat Florida PanthersHD
December 11, 20174:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Pittsburgh PenguinsHD
December 12, 20174:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Washington CapitalsHD
December 14, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Florida PanthersHD
December 16, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Tampa Bay LightningHD
December 18, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Pittsburgh PenguinsHD
December 21, 20177:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat Los Angeles KingsHD
December 23, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Arizona CoyotesHD, ALT2
December 27, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Arizona CoyotesHD, ALT2
December 29, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Toronto Maple LeafsHD
December 31, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmvs. New York IslandersHD
January 2, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Winnipeg JetsHD
January 4, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Columbus Blue JacketsHD
January 6, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Minnesota WildHD
January 13, 20186:30pm (30 min)7:00pm9:30pmat Dallas StarsHD, ALT2
January 15, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Anaheim DucksHD
January 18, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. San Jose SharksHD
January 20, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. New York RangersHD
January 22, 20184:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Toronto Maple LeafsHD, ALT2
January 23, 20185:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Montreal CanadiensHD
January 25, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat St. Louis BluesHD, ALT2
January 30, 20187:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Vancouver CanucksHD
February 1, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmat Edmonton OilersHD
February 3, 20184:00pm5:00pm7:30pmat Winnipeg JetsHD, ALT2
February 6, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. San Jose SharksHD
February 8, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat St. Louis BluesHD
February 10, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Carolina HurricanesHD, ALT2
February 11, 20184:00pm5:00pm7:30pmat Buffalo SabresHD
February 14, 20186:30pm7:30pm10:00pmvs. Montreal CanadiensHD
February 16, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Winnipeg JetsHD
February 18, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Edmonton OilersHD
February 20, 20187:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Vancouver CanucksHD
February 22, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmat Edmonton OilersHD
February 24, 20181:00pm2:00pm4:30pmat Calgary FlamesHD
February 26, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Vancouver CanucksHD
February 28, 20186:30pm7:30pm10:00pmvs. Calgary FlamesHD
March 2, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Minnesota WildHD
March 4, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Nashville PredatorsHD
March 6, 20186:00pm (30 min)6:30pm9:00pmat Chicago BlackhawksHD
March 8, 20184:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Columbus Blue JacketsHD
March 10, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Arizona CoyotesHD
March 15, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat St. Louis BluesHD, ALT2
March 16, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Nashville PredatorsHD
March 18, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Detroit Red WingsHD
March 20, 20185:30pm6:30pm9:00pmat Chicago BlackhawksHD
March 22, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Los Angeles KingsHD
March 24, 201812:00pm1:00pm3:30pmvs. Vegas Golden KnightsHD
March 26, 20187:45pm (15 min)8:00pm10:30pmat Vegas Golden KnightsHD
March 28, 20187:00pm8:00pm10:30pmvs. Philadelphia FlyersHD
March 30, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Chicago BlackhawksHD, ALT2
April 1, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmat Anaheim DucksHD
April 2, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat Los Angeles KingsHD
April 5, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat San Jose SharksHD
April 7, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. St Louis BluesHD

All games are closed-captioned Note: All Home and Away games will be broadcast in High-Definition Schedule subject to change All times listed are Mountain.