2017-18 Denver Nuggets TV Schedule

DatePre-Game (1 hr)GamePost-Game (45 min)OpponentAirs On
October 18, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmat Utah JazzHD
October 21, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Sacramento KingsHD
October 23, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Washington WizardsHD
October 25, 20174:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Charlotte HornetsHD
October 27, 20175:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Atlanta HawksHD, ALT2
October 29, 20173:00pm4:00pm6:30pmat Brooklyn NetsHD
October 30, 20175:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat New York KnicksHD
November 1, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Toronto RaptorsHD
November 3, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Miami HeatHD
November 4, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Golden State WarriorsHD
November 7, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Brooklyn NetsHD
November 11, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Orlando MagicHD
November 13, 20177:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Portland TrailblazersHD
November 17, 20177:30pm8:30pm11:00pmvs. New Orleans PelicansHD
November 19, 20177:00pm (30 min)7:30pm10:00pmat Los Angeles LakersHD
November 20, 20177:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Sacramento KingsHD
November 22, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Houston RocketsHD, ALT2
November 24, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Memphis GrizzliesHD
November 28, 20177:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Utah JazzHD
November 30, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Chicago BullsHD
December 2, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Los Angeles LakersHD
December 4, 20175:30pm6:30pm9:00pmat Dallas MavericksHD
December 6, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat New Orleans PelicansHD
December 8, 20174:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Orlando MagicHD
December 10, 20172:00pm3:00pm5:30pmat Indiana PacersHD
December 12, 20174:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Detroit PistonsHD, ALT2
December 13, 20175:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Boston CelticsHD
December 15, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. New Orleans PelicansHD
December 18, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Oklahoma City ThunderHD, ALT2
December 20, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Minnesota TimberwolvesHD
December 22, 20177:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Portland TrailblazersHD
December 23, 20176:00pm (30 min)6:30pm9:00pmat Golden State WarriorsHD
December 26, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Utah JazzHD
December 27, 20175:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Minnesota TimberwolvesHD
December 30, 20176:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Philadelphia SixersHD
January 3, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Phoenix SunsHD
January 5, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Utah JazzHD
January 6, 20187:00pm8:00pm10:30pmat Sacramento KingsHD, ALT2
January 8, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat Golden State WarriorsHD
January 10, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Atlanta HawksHD
January 12, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Memphis GrizzliesHD
January 13, 20185:30pm6:30pm9:00pmat San Antonio SpursHD
January 16, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Dallas MavericksHD
January 17, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat Los Angeles ClippersHD
January 19, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Phoenix SunsHD
January 22, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Portland TrailblazersHD
January 25, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. New York KnicksHD
January 27, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Dallas MavericksHD
January 29, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Boston CelticsHD
January 30, 20185:30pm6:30pm9:00pmat San Antonio SpursHD, ALT2
February 3, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Golden State WarriorsHD
February 5, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Charlotte HornetsHD
February 9, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Houston RocketsHD
February 10, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmat Phoenix SunsHD
February 15, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Milwaukee BucksHD
February 23, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. San Antonio SpursHD
February 25, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmvs. Houston RocketsHD
March 2, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Memphis GrizzliesHD, ALT2
March 3, 20184:30pm5:30pm8:00pmat Cleveland CavaliersHD
March 6, 20186:00pm (30 min)6:30pm9:00pmat Dallas MavericksHD, ALT2
March 7, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmvs. Cleveland CavaliersHD
March 9, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Los Angeles LakersHD
March 11, 20182:00pm3:00pm5:30pmvs. Sacramento KingsHD
March 13, 20187:30pm8:30pm11:00pmat Los Angeles LakersHD
March 15, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Detroit PistonsHD
March 17, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Memphis GrizzliesHD
March 19, 20185:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Miami HeatHD
March 21, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Chicago BullsHD
March 23, 20184:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pmat Washington WizardsHD
March 26, 20184:30pm (30 min)5:00pm7:30pm (15 min)at Philadelphia SixersHD
March 27, 20185:00pm (30 min)5:30pm8:00pmat Toronto RaptorsHD
March 30, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Oklahoma City ThunderHD
April 1, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmvs. Milwaukee BucksHD, ALT2
April 3, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Indiana PacersHD
April 7, 201812:30pm1:30pm4:00pmat Los Angeles ClippersHD
April 9, 20186:00pm7:00pm9:30pmvs. Portland TrailblazersHD
April 11, 20185:00pm6:00pm8:30pmat Minnesota TimberwolvesHD

All games are closed-captioned Note: All Home and Away games will be broadcast in High-Definition Schedule subject to change All times listed are Mountain.