Altitude Sports Clarifies Territorial Rights For Playoffs

Nationally broadcast NBA/NHL playoff games to be shown side by side with Altitude in Denver

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Altitude would like to clarify a number of misreports surrounding the availability of Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche playoff games within the Denver area. Altitude, by virtue of a multiyear agreement with the NHL, has agreed to waive its exclusive broadcast rights in Denver for the first round of the Avalanche’s playoff run. Under NBA rules, Altitude has also waived its exclusivity for Nugget’s first-round playoff games.

Effectively, this means that first-round Avalanche playoff games, that will be shown nationally on NBCSN, NHL Network, and CNBC, will be available throughout the Denver metro area. In the case of the Nuggets, any of their first-round playoff games being shown on TNT and ESPN will also be available in Denver. These playoff games will also be available on Altitude via DIRECTV and Charter Cable. 

“Our fans have been ignored and dismissed by both Comcast and DISH Network continuing to blackout their hometown Network” Altitude President, Matt Hutchings said. “We have never wanted our fans to miss a minute of action during Nuggets and Avalanche playoff runs.”

Altitude worked with the NBA and NHL to allow these games to reach maximum distribution throughout the front range. Additionally, Altitude is actively pursuing O.T.T. (Over-The-Top) streaming distribution deals that would expand and augment Altitude’s coverage.

“The relationships with the NBA and NHL allow the playoff runs for our teams to be watched by all of our fans. We continue to encourage Comcast to value these same fans by bringing back the Nuggets, Avs, and Altitude to their channel lineups for entire seasons,” said Hutchings. “It’s a shame that Comcast continues to play games instead of airing games. Unlike Comcast, our goal has always been to put our fans first.”