Gimme 5ive September


The Gimme 5ive campaign aims to raise awareness of proactive steps that men and women can take every month in an effort to provide early detection and/or prevention of common cancers and other diseases.

Gimme 5ive Health Focus for September:   
Prostate Cancer Awareness

  1. Listen:
    • Check back for Vic’s interview with Dr. Thomas Flaig, Medical Oncologist

  2. Learn:
  3. Do:
    • Get a biometric screening on Saturday, September 7th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Pepsi Center as a first step. Sign up here: UCHealth and DenverNuggets
    • Or schedule an annual well visit with your primary care provider.

  4. Pledge:
    • To lead a healthy lifestyle

  5. Share:
    • This info with 5 male friends or family members

Past Gimme 5ive Awareness Month