Gimme 5ive December


The Gimme 5ive campaign aims to raise awareness of proactive steps that men and women can take every month in an effort to provide early detection and/or prevention of common cancers and other diseases.

Gimme 5ive Health Focus for December
Lung Cancer Awareness

  • Lung cancer is
    • Diagnosed in approximately 1 of every 7 cases of cancer*
    • The leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States at 25.9% **
    • The cause of more cancer deaths than prostate, breast and colorectal cancers combined***
    *American Cancer Society
    **National Cancer Institute
    ***National Cancer Institute
doDo pledgePledge
  • Pledge to avoid and/or stop smoking.

  • Share with 5 friends.

Past Gimme 5ive Awareness Months